Isle of Man TT (IOMTT) iPhone app home screen

We were asked to improve the official live timings app for the Isle of Man TT motorsport event. The app used in previous years had used refresh based updates and did not provide real time information.

Fans watching live would see riders passing at speeds approaching 200mph, making it tricky to see how their favourite riders were doing. Finding a way to convey this incredible sense of speed and excitement in a real-time app would be crucial.

Making sense of the data for a time trial event can be tricky, as the rider at the front isn’t necessarily leading the race. The app needed to combine information direct from the track side with marshal decisions and time penalty information, in order to build a real-time view of the leader board.

Isle of Man TT (IOMTT) iPhone app leader board

The 37-mile time trial course contains only five trackside transponders. We connected to the transponder API and organised the data stream into an easily understandable time-trial leader board. The true race standings, along with all sector, lap and speed trap timings were made available to users within milliseconds of the rider completing that sector.

We were able to apply our expertise from other industries to build an algorithm that gave users a more accurate picture of where each rider was between sector points.

We successfully delivered real-time race events to over 10,000 simultaneously connected users, allowing trackside fans to know who was really coming around the corner at 200mph

The app successfully delivered on its promise of delivering race data to users in real-time, smashing the previous app's refresh based updates. We provided users with a vastly improved experience, with comprehensive data and visualisation of the race progress. Feedback from spectators and around the world was extremely positive and the app received excellent feedback on social media.

Isle of Man TT (IOMTT) iPhone app live map and laps leader board