Financial Trading
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We were engaged by a client who operates a financial services advisory platform to build a proof of concept solution to integrate multi-asset trading with their unique market analysis. In addition to this, we were also asked to provide live demonstrations for marketing purposes which would show the client's data in a variety of real-world examples.


We pulled in data from a wide range of sources, combining data from the client's own systems with data from third-party price feeds. Execution services were provided by an external broker, and we provided the core trading engine and real-time position keeping elements. This combination provided an integrated trading solution to end-users, while promoting our client's data and analysis throughout the trading process.

The integrated platform highlighted different approaches to using unique analysis to make end users more likely to place a trade.


Our client was able to successfully execute their sales and marketing strategy using the real-world examples and trading demonstration. Having a fully featured trading platform powering the demo gave the client a strong basis to show the various approaches they could use to utilise their data in a trading context.

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