Wealth Management

Following the introduction of new pension rules in 2016, and we were tasked with producing a tool that would allow private and institutional investors to manage their income from their lump sum pension pot.

These idea was to develop and app that would allow investors to focus on establishing consistent returns over time, producing a predictable and sustainable income flow.

The system needed to be simple enough to use for retail customers, and powerful enough for professional investors to achieve their goals based on their different risk profiles.

Wealth management investment planner app yield return chart

We used historic and predicted dividend data to work out what investments clients should make in order to achieve their monthly target.

The app shows users when they needed to buy and sell stock in order to maximise the dividend income. It also gives them a clear view of their current portfolio and available cash at any point in time. Investors can vary their personal risk profile by selecting different filters including market capitalisation, geographical region and diversification of companies.

The app enables users to filter through tens of thousands of potential investments and see the results with accurate forward yield plans in less than a second.

Our app allows users to feel more in control of their investments, with clear instructions of what to trade and when. Investors can test out a variety of different investment strategies and instantly see the effect on their potential monthly income. The feedback has been very positive - users complimented the speed of producing the plan and the ease of configuring their risk profiles.

Wealth management investment planner app breakdown view